Tommy Mann (born 12th July, 1925) was an ex-professional wrestler and night-club owner who also worked as a stuntman and bit-part actor.

He arranged the fight sequence between Cyril Turpin and Keith Lucas in Episode 983 (24th June 1970) of Coronation Street and four years earlier appeared as one of the Judo class participants in the Self Defence episode of the spin-off Pardon The Expression.

He also provided stunt work for Parkin's Patch and The Wednesday Play as well as an episode of the 1967 Granada Television series The Fellows in which he arranged the motorcyle stunt work for a character played by Bill Kenwright.

As an actor he appeared in Z Cars, Her Majesty's Pleasure and The Benny Hill Show. As a wrestler, he held the British Middleweight title for a period in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

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