Toni Griffiths was the firefighting colleague of Paul Kershaw. Toni began organising a Full Monty show involving the male firefighters, including Paul to raise money for charity. This caused suspicion for his partner Eileen Grimshaw, especially when she discovered Toni was a woman and not a man. Paul decided to prove his love for Eileen and approached Toni, whose cousin had a shop selling rings, so he could propose to Eileen. However Eileen was suspicious, and with her half-sister Julie Carp went round to the fire station and ended up hiding in the lockers. Toni found the incident amusing, but Paul was enraged and embarrassed by the thought of Eileen not trusting him. However he made up with Eileen and got engaged to her.

When half of the fire station's crew fell ill with food poisoning, Toni was concerned the Full Monty would be cancelled as there was no one to perform. Eileen decided to convince some of the Street's male residents to take part in the show at Nick's Bistro. During the night, a fire started at the Rovers Return Inn while the show was going on, with Stella Price trapped inside. Paul and Toni entered to help Stella and her ex-partner Karl Munro who attempted to save her (although unknown to everyone he was the cause of the blaze). Paul got Stella out, but Toni entered back into the Rovers to help Karl who had collapsed. She got Karl out the window to aiding firefighters, but the roof collapsed on top of her before she could escape, killing her.

Toni's death caused Paul to suffer from survivor's guilt and blaming himself for what had happened. Toni left behind her husband Mike, and a sister.

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