Tony Capstick was born 27th July, 1944 in Mexborough, Rotherham and died 23rd October, 2003 in Hoober. He appeared in three roles on Coronation Street:

Tony was best known as a DJ on Radio Sheffield where he broadcast for over thirty years his own unique brand of manic comedy (Billy Connelly said that he was the funniest man he ever met). He had left school at the earliest possible age, determined to work in showbusiness and it's though he would have become a well-known national name, but for the fact that he refused to move away from his beloved Yorkshire roots and had a long-term problem with alcohol. After initial years singing in clubs and working as a mimic, he did become well known in 1981 when he released a comedy record, " Sheffield Grinder/Capstick Comes Home", which was set to the music of Dvorak's "New World Symphony" and mercilessly parodied the famous Hovis adverts of the time. As well as the Street he also appeared in Emmerdale, All Creatures Great and Small, a recurring role in Last of the Summer Wine and his own eight-part sketch show, Capstick's Capers, on Channel 4 in 1983.

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