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Tony Newall
Tony Newall
First appearance 22nd October 1980
Last appearance 27th October 1980
Number of appearances 2
Played by Peter Wallis

Tony Newall was a customer of the Viaduct Garage where Brian Tilsley worked. He took his car in there for work on the gearbox and Brian used it to drive home. When the evening meal there was ruined, Audrey Roberts took him and Gail Tilsley out for dinner and persuaded him to use the car for the trip. However Mr Newall was also at the same steak restaurant and saw his car being driven away. He called the police who summoned garage boss Ron Sykes to the premises where they found it, with an engine still warm. Ron span them a tale about Brian taking the wrong car home but the next day Newall told Ron that he wanted his bill reduced by £50 for the inconvenience. Ron gave him the discount and sacked Brian.

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