Tony parsons
Tony Parsons
Father Phil Parsons
Mother Mrs Parsons
First appearance 5th August 1970
Last appearance 10th February 1971
Number of appearances 8
Played by David Hill

Tony Parsons was a young boy who received harmonium lessons from Ena Sharples in 1970. Although Tony had broken into the Victoria Street Mission on 5th August 1970, Ena wanted to nurture his talent and as she was an experienced player she took Tony under her wing and got him a scholarship at a music college. Ena first had to convince Mrs Parsons, who forbade Tony from playing music as his dad Phil, who ran off with another woman, when Tony was a baby, played saxophone for a band. Tony had been told that Phil was dead and was brought up by his mother in a flat above a shop in Victoria Street. Ena managed to convince Mrs Parsons not to live in the past and to encourage Tony's talent.

In February 1971, Tony gave his first public performance at the college and Ena and Mrs Parsons were both in attendance.

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