Tony walker
Tony Walker
Occupation Buyer
First appearance 15th August 1988
Last appearance 17th August 1988
Number of appearances 2
Played by Michael Garner

Tony Walker was a yuppie buyer who was wined and dined by Mike Baldwin in order to secure an order for Baldwin's Curtains in August 1988. The men ended up at a nightclub where Tony chatted up two ladies, Cheryl and Roxanne, who were actually Gloria Todd and Sandra Stubbs using false names. Although nervous, the women seemed to like Tony and went over to a table with him. When Mike arrived at the table, he was amused to be in the presence of his ex-girlfriend and cleaner, but instead of blowing their cover he started talking about how terrible his cleaner was and that he only kept her on as he felt sorry for her. When Mike then suggested they go back to his place, the women made their excuses and left, leaving Tony wondering what they'd said wrong.

Tony later closed the deal with Mike over a drink at the Rovers Return. Recognising Gloria behind the bar, Tony gleaned the truth from her about her and Sandra's true names and jobs (they had told him they were in lingerie), finding some amusement in the deception. Mike then called Sandra over to his table so that Tony could see her without her glad rags, but Tony barely looked up, failing to recognise her.

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