The unnamed American Tourist was a visitor to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester when Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow were also visitors there in February 2014. Steve and Tracy had taken Amy Barlow there as part of her school curriculum. Proving she was every bit her mother's daughter, Amy had kidded her parents that the school has asked them all to be dressed up in Victorian clothes and Steve and Tracy duly obliged. As they were the only ones there attired in such style they were easily mistaken for staff and another tourist had already gained the benefit of Steve's wisdom - culled from a swift glance at the handbook - as to what sort of steam engine a nearby exhibit was. He became unstuck though when the second tourist overheard and put in a follow-up question! Steve gabbled that it was different colour but help came from an unexpected source: none other than Roy Cropper who had been missing from his home for several weeks following the funeral of his beloved Hayley after she had died of cancer.