The Town Crier announced the guests at the grand opening of the newly built Newton & Ridley Brookside Motel in February 1971. There were several guests of honour including Annie Walker, but events took a surprising turn when Irma Barlow and Elsie and Alan Howard turned up and were mistaken for the mayoral party. Giving their names to the manager Mr Whittaker, he passed them on to the Town Crier, who imparted their arrival to all of the guests in the Bellman Suite. Elsie and Alan were startled when - having not heard Irma's whispered request for her own introduction - he referred to her as their daughter!

Although the episode in which the character appeared was videotaped in colour, the location sequences were shot on black and white film as a carry-over from the ITV Colour Strike which had ended a couple of weeks before. As the character was only seen on location, all of his scenes were therefore in monochrome.