Tracey spencer
Tracey Spencer
Occupation Dispensing chemist
Mother Ginny Spencer
Sibling(s) Kim Spencer
First appearance 6th October 1975
Last appearance 8th October 1975
Number of appearances 2
Played by Noreen Kershaw

Tracey Spencer was the daughter of New Old Inn landlady Ginny Spencer. Tracey was normally a dispensing chemist but also helped out at the pub, along with her sister Kim.

In October 1975, the New Old Inn was host to many of the Rovers regulars when a fire at the Mark Brittain Warehouse caused Coronation Street to be evacuated. A refuge was set up at Bessie Street School, but naturally the residents' instinct was to seek out the nearest boozer and set up camp. Ginny served several of the regulars, some not so regular; on her mother's instructions, she poured the remains of a pint of milk from the fridge into a saucer for Bobby, and she put her foot in it with Hilda Ogden by suggesting that she slip into the ladies to take her rollers out, assuming that she'd been caught unaware by the evacuation. She was embarrassed when Ena Sharples told her that Hilda always looked like that.

The fact that Tracey wasn't a full-time barmaid was picked up on by a perceptive Minnie Caldwell, who stopped the girl as she went about her duties to ask if she liked being a barmaid. Tracey admitted that she just helped her mother out and that she had another job.

Tracey was played by Noreen Kershaw, a future director on the programme.

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