Track official
Track Official
Occupation Banger Racing Track Official
First appearance 9th August 1989
Number of appearances 1
Played by Christopher Quinn

The Track Official was in charge at the banger racing day at High Edge Raceway in which Kevin Webster and Mark Casey participated during the time that the two garage boys were interested in the sport. Before the race, the official gave Kevin and form to fill out and disappointed Sally by refusing to let her near the track, forcing her to remain back with the spectators, including Martin Platt, Curly Watts and Nicky Tilsley.

Kevin came fifth in his race but he annoyed Sally by not telling her that there was a ladies' race that she could enter. The track official walked up during the row and rudely chimed in, suggesting that Sally give Kevin a break as he'd had a tough time on the track. Annoyed by their chauvinism, she drove the trailer back home and left Kevin and Mark at the track.

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