TSO 8174
Trading Standards Officer
First appearance 22nd July 2013
Last appearance 22nd July 2013
Number of appearances 2
Played by Mike Andrews

The unnamed Trading Standards Officer called at Nick's Bistro in July 2013 following an anonymous tip-off that the vodka and gin in the premises were being watered down. Nick Tilsley was annoyed when the officer refused to reveal the source of the allegation and he insisted on taking away samples of the two spirits in question. Nick felt he was jinxed in some way, not realising that the run of bad luck he was suffering was a vendetta against him by his own half-brother David Platt who had discovered that he had had a fling with his wife Kylie the previous Christmas and the baby she was carrying might not be his.

What especially infuriated Nick was that the officer started to take the samples in full view of the lunchtime customers. As he packed his bag, he told him that if they proved to be watered down, he would be judged to have committed an offence under the Food Safety Act which could lead to a fine, a warning or even a prison sentence. He told him that he would get the results within a few weeks and showed himself out.

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