Traffic Warden 1914
Traffic Warden
First appearance 23rd May 1979
Number of appearances 1
Played by Jo Beadle

The unnamed Traffic Warden was confronted by an angry Fred Gee when he was on a shopping trip in May 1979 in Annie Walker's Rover and he left the vehicle parked on double-yellow lines. Fred remonstrated that he hadn't been causing an obstruction and he'd only left it there for five minutes but the warden calmly replied that when she'd reported it to the police there had been several vehicles and that had been thirty-six minutes before, after it had already been there for half an hour. Fred accused her of being a "copper's nark" and was less than pleased to find that the vehicle had been taken to a compound some five miles away. As her shift was coming to an end, the warden wished him goodbye and left him car-less in the street.

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