Traveller 1210
Occupation Biscuit Salesman
First appearance 21st August 1972
Number of appearances 1
Played by Ian Michael

The unnamed Traveller was a biscuit salesman who called into the Corner Shop in August 1972 to try and sell his wares to Maggie Clegg, who was depressed and snappy over her non-existent love life. He spurned the advances of Bet Lynch, claiming she was too young for him, but Maggie told him she was pushed for time and asked him to call on his other customers first and he said he would do so, but insisted on seeing her in the Rovers at 11.45am. Maggie told Norma Ford that he must be desperate for trade, nevertheless she turned up for the appointment, only to find that it was a strict business matter as he was getting married - for the second time - on Thursday week to a mature and sensible woman. When pushed he admitted that he only asked her out in the hope of getting a biscuit order. She did so with a regular order of two tins of strawberry-flavoured ones.

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