Watch Commander
Trevor Lance
Occupation Senior Fire Officer
First appearance 7th December 2010
Last appearance 28th May 2015
Number of appearances 5
Played by John Burton

Watch Commander Trevor Lance directed rescue operations when an explosion blasted through The Joinery in December 2010, the wrecked viaduct causing a tram to pile over the edge and into the Corner Shop and The Kabin. The emergency services were several minutes late arriving and the Commander explained to Dr Matt Carter that there was a major RTC (Road Traffic Collision) in the region which meant that resources were fully stretched. He then instructed one of the Police Officers to seal off the area as the raging fires and structural damage showed that it wasn’t safe for people. He then had to cope with the pleading residents who begged for help with the people known to be trapped inside No.13 and the Corner Shop. However he was incorrectly informed by Norris Cole that The Kabin was empty, not knowing that Rita Sullivan had returned unexpectedly and was also trapped in there. He continued the rescue operation as the night wore on, instructing another Police Officer to get the anxious crowd further back as the viaduct collapsed, killing Ashley Peacock. He later told Fire Officer Wayne that a Taxi Driver who had been near to The Joinery when it exploded had also died.

In March 2013, Trevor was also on scene after a fire ripped through the Rovers. Off-duty fire officer Paul Kershaw had already been inside the burning building to rescue Stella Price and Karl Munro whilst other officers discovered an unconscious Sunita Alahan and also pulled her to safety. After the fire caused a massive explosion and rocked the whole Street, he prevented a worried Paul from re-entering the building to come to the aid of colleague Toni Griffiths who was still trapped inside.

In May 2015, he led the rescue efforts when Tracy Barlow inadvertently started a fire in 12 Victoria Court during which Kal Nazir perished. His men recovered the body and broke the news of his death to his shattered family.

The character was credited as "Watch Commander" in December 2010, "Fireman" in March 2013 and as "Watch Commander Trevor Lance" in May 2015.

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