Trevor Parkin
Spouse(s) A wife
First appearance 13th October 1971
Number of appearances 1
Played by Bryan Marshall

Trevor Parkin was a young bespectacled man who was one of three attendees at Albert Tatlock's horticulture lecture at the Community Centre in October 1971. Arriving on time for the class only to find it delayed due to a schedule clash with Ken Barlow's class for immigrant children, Trevor complained to Albert, Ken and Ena Sharples that his wife was sensitive and he said he'd only be out an hour.

During the lecture itself, Trevor hung onto Albert's every word but earned the old man's ire by correcting him about weeding, and launching into a discussion with Mrs Toft about sloam. Albert silenced the pair by demanding that the "learner" Trevor come up and take his place, but having regained a captive audience Albert realised he'd forgotten what he was talking about.

Actor Bryan Marshall was credited as "Brian Marshall" in his sole appearance in the role.

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