First appearance 31st October 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by Joseph Barratt

After newly-weds Sarah and Jason Grimshaw had arrived back home from their wedding reception, the only topic in the Platt household was David. With Gail at her wits' end worried about whether or not her son was alive after discovering that he had driven his car into the canal, and Sarah, convinced that David had pulled the stunt in order to deliberately sabotage her wedding day.

The heated exchange was swiftly interrupted as the door bell rang. Bill Webster answered the door to the masked Trick-or-Treater, but thinking it was David on the doorstep pulling another one of his stunts, Sarah flew at the boy in a rage and wrestled him to the ground. As Bill and Jason restrained Sarah, the startled young boy removed his mask and commented that "she needed locking up".

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