Trish Davidson was a private detective hired by Frank Foster to track Peter Barlow and Carla Connor and find out if there was anything between them with a view to discrediting Carla at his forthcoming trial for raping her.

His first appointment with Trish was immediately after his father's funeral where they discussed her rate of £60 an hour which he thought expensive but she told him that unlike other investigators she always obtained results.

When after two weeks and she had failed to find proof of any affair, Frank summoned her to his office and sacked her. Just a few days later, Frank saw Peter and Carla together outside Alonso's Restaurant and hastily re-employed Trish. This time her surveillance of Peter paid dividends as she followed him to the Chester Parkway Hotel where she saw him kissing Carla as the two met for an overnight assignation and was able to photograph the pair kissing in the car park. She presented the evidence to a delighted Frank who at last saw the chance to proclaim his (false) innocence to the court. 

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