Trudy Michaelson
Trudy Michaelson
Occupation Fostering agent
First appearance 18th November 2013
Number of appearances 1
Played by Christine Brennan

Trudy Michaelson was a fostering agent who interviewed Julie Carp and Brian Packham when they signed up to be foster parents. Unknown to Julie, Brian was just going along with the process for her sake as he had reached the conclusion that, despite the fact he was a headteacher, he hated children. He had been at the Llewellyn House museum in Wrexham for the day having a job interview, again behind Julie's back, and was late for Trudy's appointment when she visited them at their flat. He garbled an excuse that it was an emergency matter at Bessie Street School that needed his attention which Julie used as an example of how children always came first with him.

After inspecting the flat, Brian walked Trudy to her car where she had parked it on Victoria Street. On the way, he confessed to Trudy that all he wanted was Julie's happiness but he had doubts. She told him that he should be honest with his concerns and he was so, confessing that he couldn't stand kids. A shocked Trudy told him that it left her no option but to refuse the application and, if Julie asked why, she would be told the truth. Brian pointed her on her way and left behind a very puzzled Trudy.

When the refusal did come through, Julie attempted to ring Trudy but found he was on holiday from work. It was Todd Grimshaw, stirring things up, who told her of Brian's feelings about children and the two separated as a result.

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