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Tyne Tees Television first went on the air on 15th January 1959 covering the north east region of England and its surrounding areas. For a period of time between 1969 and 1980 the company merged with Yorkshire Television under the name Trident Television. The station was one of two companies, the other being ATV, that refused to carry Coronation Street when it began in 1960 but after its initial success quickly joined in with transmissions, beginning with Episode 14 (25th January 1961).

At some point in the Spring of 1961, when studio facilities in Manchester were unavailable for an unknown reason, two episodes of Coronation Street were made at Tyne Tees' studios in Newcastle with cast, crew and scenery being transported across the Pennines for the week as covered in an article in a contemporary edition of TV Times.

After beginning colour transmissions on 17th July 1970, Tyne Tees started broadcasts of the Street in that medium from Episode 990 onwards.

The station continued to transmit Coronation Street until Wednesday 25th February 2009 when it merged with Border Television to become ITV Tyne Tees & Border.

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