Unnamed or unidentified restaurants, irrespective of location.

Club (Episode 2806)Edit

Unnamed bar 2806

Mike vies to clinch a deal with Graham Farrell

Mike Baldwin chose this location for a foursome with Gloria Todd and Baldwin's Casuals client Graham Farrell and wife Linda. Mike and Graham went over the final terms of deal over brandies after which the couples moved to the dancefloor. Linda, who was having an affair with Mike, was surprised that he'd brought a date, but Mike assured her that he and Gloria were just good friends. Gloria was pleased that Mike had asked her along as she had previously been unsure where she stood with him. The evening was a success and Graham placed the order with Mike.

Ambrose waited on the group during their visit.

The scenes in the club were the last to be recorded on film before Coronation Street became fully videotaped with Episode 2807 (22nd February 1988).

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