Residence Gujrat
Sibling(s) Grishma
Suresh Parekh
Children Kal
First appearance 12th February 2010
Last appearance 20th June 2011
Number of appearances 16
Played by Jamila Massey

Upma was an aunt of Sunita Alahan. She lived in Gujrat. In February 2010, Upma and her sister Grishma visited the UK and went to Bramhall to see Sunita, her husband Dev and twins Aadi and Asha before going to Sunita's cousin's house in Dudley. The aunts had no idea that Sunita and Dev were divorced so for their benefit the Alahans pretended to still be married for the duration of their visit, initially thought to be for a few days but later extended by the aunts as they were enjoying themselves so much.

Prior to Upma and Grishma's departure, they made themselves at home and visited Dev's chain of shops. They were puzzled however by the fact that Dev wasn't sleeping with Sunita but on an airbed by himself, and that Aadi had remarked that he wasn't used to Dev being in the house so much. Dev and Sunita managed to explain the mysteries, but their cover was almost blown when Sunita's ex-boyfriend Matt Davis showed up at the house to try to convince her to get back together with him. When the aunts arrived in the house, Sunita ushered him out as quickly as possible, explaining that he was the children's Maths tutor.

Upma and Grishma returned in June 2011, and were suspicious of Dev and Sunita's living conditions as they had now moved into 7 Coronation Street - although they claimed that their Bramhall house was having an extension built. However, the aunts discovered that the couple weren't married any more, and decided to try and find Sunita a new, successful man. They ended up checking out other possible suitors including Matt Carter, Nick Tilsley and Marcus Dent, although Sunita told them to stop their carry-on.

Following Sunita's death in April 2013, neither aunt attended her funeral. It was believed that she was responsible for starting the blaze at the Rovers which also resulted in the death of firefighter Toni Griffiths. However in reality the true arsonist was Karl Munro, who also killed Sunita by dislodging her breathing tube as she began to show signs of recovering in hospital.

Upma has a son called Kal, a professional dancer in Vancouver.

Upma was not given a surname.

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