First appearance Coronation Street: A Knight's Tale (2010)
Played by Jeremy Edwards

Uri was a guest at Tatlock Towers on their medieval-themed weekend in November 2010. A rich plastic surgeon, he remembered Rosie Webster who was there on a modelling promotion from a consultation in the previous January when she had seen him to enquire into a breast enlargement from a 32E to a 32 double F. Rosie was flattered by his recognition and having resigned from her job of promoting Strumpet Ale, she readily ditched escort Jason Grimshaw and had dinner with the surgeon.

She was even more taken with him when she found out that he was rich with a clinic nearby in addition to three others in the UK, the two in France, two in Switzerland and four in his home country of Israel. She happily agreed to spend the night with him and mistook his request that he just watch her sleep as the mark of a gentleman, not realising that he was mentally disturbed with a fixation on the looks of young women in their prime.

The next day she found out in full what he intended for her when she was bound to the bed for an “emergency procedure”: an injection of a freezing Botox-type substance to preserve her looks forever. Uri explained as he prepared that his first wife had refused his offer of medical help and aged before his eyes, growing old by the ripe age of 30!

Rosie was rescued by Jason who battled both Uri and his Scrub Nurse, the hulking Alexei but the surgeon’s real unwitting nemesis was Norris Cole who accidentally fired an arrow through the window of the room where the medical procedure was taking place, severing a cord holding a large hanging candle bracket in place and bringing it down on Uri’s head.

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