• Ann Owen

    A Special Relationship

    September 19, 2010 by Ann Owen

    In September 1965, I was the wife of the Vicar of Carno, in deepest mid-Wales, the developing base at that time of the Laura Ashley empire. I was expecting very shortly the birth of my second child, and had been assured by Mrs Eunice Watkin, the local white witch, that the day of delivery would be the 27th - much to my chagrin as I was hoping for a fortnight earlier at least! On the 26th, a Sunday, the Church Warden and his wife rang and asked if we could do them an immense favour, and put up an unexpected visitor, whose sudden arrival posed complicated family difficulties. So we made up a bed and welcomed a rather stressed young person for the night.

    Next morning she was duly collected and all was calm until suddenly my waters broke. Even …

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