• Benny1982

    I first started watching Coronation Street in 1992 and one of the first scenes I remember is Tommy Duckworth being born. And now he is an 18 year old rebel character in the show. My older brother used to watch Corrie and it got me hooked. I started becoming interested in the history of the show in 1995 when I was 13 and fondly remember the 35th anniversary celebrations in December 1995. Stan Ogden and Albert Tatlock are two of my fave characters of the past.

    I have recently realised I have been to a few real life locations used for Corrie such as Blackpool (seen in various episodes over the years), Lake Windermere (seen in a 1969 ep), Oxford Street, London and outside Buck House (Both seen in a 1973 and 1995 episode) and near Salford which …

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