The Usher was one of the staff present at Weatherfield Magistrates Court when Tracy Barlow was arraigned for the murder of Charlie Stubbs in January 2007. Due to her constant "Madame Defarge"-type appearances at previous hearings, Blanche Hunt was on first-name terms with the usher and "Neil" was happy to report that the hearing would be on time and that there were plenty of seats for the Barlows to occupy. Ken was amazed that Blanche knew the staff so well but she commented that she merely to make sure that the due process of the law was observed and besides, it was cheaper than the pictures!

In April 2008 he carried out the usher's duties at the court when David Platt appeared after his rampage down Coronation Street and was given a four month detention order.

The usher was next present at Weatherfield Crown Court in March 2013, during the trial of Tyrone Dobbs. As defense witness Tina McIntyre took the stand to testify against Tyrone's charges of ABH against his former partner Kirsty Soames, a guilty Kirsty entered the courtroom with their daughter Ruby and after confessing that she herself was the perpetrator and not Tyrone, the baby was handed over to the usher and placed in temporary care until Tyrone was found to be innocent of all charges.

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