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V Court Fitness

V Court Fitness was a business owned by Kal Nazir and Dev Alahan, and was opened in March 2014. It was located in Victoria Street, and was built by Jason Grimshaw, with the help of his father Tony Stewart. This attracted numerous residents from Coronation Street to keep fit. It also ran a self defence training class, which Gail McIntyre took up after No.8 got broken into. Kal ran the gym along with his father Sharif. Gail accepted a job here, as did Katy Armstrong, as receptionists. Gail was later demoted to cleaner when Kal's daughter Alya arrived to replace her. When Kal died in fire that broke out at Victoria Court, son Zeedan replaced Kal and then was followed by Gary Windass. After Sharif's seven-year affair was revealed, he went AWOL, leaving the gym in deep debt. After debt collectors took away the gym equipment, the premises were closed in January 2017.




Former members:


Nick and Kal at the gym

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