Van Driver 7458
Van Driver
Occupation Florist Delivery Man
First appearance 1st November 2010
Number of appearances 1
Played by Ian Blower

The Van Driver was the delivery man for "Fave Florists", a local firm who were being given anonymous orders for bouquets to be left on the steps of Underworld. Whilst the residents of the Street were puzzled, John Stape realised all-too-well that the flowers were in the memory of Colin Fishwick whose identity he had stolen in order to get back into the teaching profession and who had collapsed and died suddenly inside No.5 when arguing with John and partner-in-crime Charlotte Hoyle. They had buried the body under building works beneath the factory, thinking no-one knew of their actions. John, keeping an eye on the factory, saw the driver delivering another bouquet and confronted him but the man told him he knew nothing of the donor and his job was just to deliver the orders.

The sender of the flowers was later revealed to be Charlotte herself.

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