The Vicar conducted the christening ceremony of baby Jack Dobbs at St. Saviour's Church in November 2010. What few at the service knew at the time was that Kevin Webster, one of the godparents, was in fact the real father of the baby. Heavily reluctant to take on the role, he had to be encouraged to speak out his responses in the service and had to be pushed into doing so by his then-unknowing wife, Sally.

The Vicar later conducted John Stape's funeral at Weatherfield Crematorium a year later in November 2011 and crossed paths with Sally once again when she interrupted the service and berated the guests for commemorating a murderer. A month later, he conducted the tram crash Memorial Service on Coronation Street.

He officiated at the wedding of Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow which took place at St. James's Church in January 2012 and led the service at the funeral of Frank Foster, again at the crematorium, in March.

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