Vicar (David Kangas)
First appearance 15th October 1997
Last appearance 7th March 1999
Number of appearances 3
Played by David Kangas

This unnamed Vicar conducted three separate church services on the behalf of Coronation Street residents. In October 1997 he officiated at the funeral of Don Brennan, in November 1998 the funeral of Des Barnes and finally, in March 1999 he led the christening service for the Mallett twins, Billy and Becky. The Malletts had asked Jack Duckworth to be godfather to the twins, but upon becoming aware that Jack hadn't been christened either, the vicar had to conduct another quick ceremony in order that Jack could fulfil the role.

The character was credited as "Priest" in his first appearance and "Vicar" in the following two appearances.

List of appearancesEdit




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