Vicar (Episode 7190)
Occupation Vicar
First appearance 23rd October 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Andrew Pollard

The unnamed Vicar officiated at the christening of Liam Connor Jr. in October 2009.

After family and friends had arrived and were now seated inside St. Christopher's Church, the service was already running five minutes late due to the absence of godfather Tony Gordon. Unbeknown to anyone else, his estranged wife Carla had unexpectedly arrived back in Weatherfield and, establishing that they were not quite ready to commence with the service, the vicar told an apologetic Maria Connor to let him know when they were all present and waited in the vestry.

Mother-in-law Helen Connor was not quite so impressed with Tony's tardiness - retorting that her grandson would be old enough for his first communion by the time he turned up. He duly arrived a few minutes later but as the vicar prepared for the opening sermon, Tony's mobile phone started vibrating. Stating that he'd have to deal with the incoming call, he explained that it was a crisis and asked the vicar to bear with him, promising that he wouldn't be long.

Another long delay ensued as Tony left the building to speak to henchman Jimmy Dockerson and the Connors began to get restless once again as the service was put on hold. When he finally walked back into church, baby Liam's christening eventually got underway smoothly.

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