Vicar 5428
First appearance 27th January 2003
Last appearance 27th January 2003
Number of appearances 2
Played by Tony Broughton

The Vicar at St. Christopher's Church officiated at the funeral service and burial of the murdered Maxine Peacock in January 2003. He introduced the hymn Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise and listened with the congregation to Fred Elliott’s eulogy. He called on Maxine’s father, Derek Heavey, to read the lesson from John, Chapter 5 and watched as Fred substituted Richard Hillman at the lectern when Derek broke down and was unable to continue. He also listened as Richard made a sudden confession - that his faith in God and goodness had wavered when he heard of the news of Maxine’s death. Audrey Roberts, convinced that Richard was the one responsible for a crime (a belief which was later proven to be correct) could stand to hear no more and left the church however she afterwards loudly accused Richard at the graveside of the murder, shocking the Vicar and mourners alike.

The unnamed Vicar is one of several parts played on the programme by actor Tony Broughton who, in real life, is the son of the much-loved Coronation Street star Arthur Leslie who played Rovers landlord Jack Walker from 1960 until his death in June 1970.

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