Vicar 2004 character
First appearance 16th February 2004
Last appearance 9th May 2008
Number of appearances 9
Played by Jim Whelan

The Vicar was involved in four religious observances affecting the residents of Coronation Street.

In February 2004, he remarried Steve and Karen McDonald at Walcot Manor, commenting to the groom and best man that this was the first occasion he had performed the ceremony for a divorced couple. However the nuptials almost didn't proceed as Tracy Barlow chose to interrupt, demanding that the Croppers return her baby daughter who she had sold her to for £25,000 and, in the process, revealed that Steve was the real father. An emotional showdown ensued, during which Steve managed to convince Karen of his love for her. They asked the Vicar to proceed but he reminded them that they were about to make solemn and binding vows to each other and asked them to be certain of the commitment that they were about to make before he carried on. As the other guests had gone on to the reception in the interim, the wedding took place with only Andy, Liz McDonald and Karen's aunt Eva Briggs as witnesses.

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The character was unnamed but actor Jim Whelan also played two named vicars in the programme - Reverend Pike in Episode 3505 (19th February 1993) and Reverend Todd in Episode 6933 (24th October 2008)

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