Victoria Street 2018 Set

Victoria Street is the next street to the south of Coronation Street in Weatherfield. The street originally started at a junction with Viaduct Street running westwards to form a T-junction with the end of Rosamund Street and continuing. Originally Hardcastle's Mill fronted onto Victoria Street, the rear part of which overlooked Coronation Street until 1968 when Weatherfield Council had it demolished to make way for new maisonettes. The maisonnettes were demolished in the early 1970s after an electrical fault was discovered after their construction, which had resulted in the tragic death of Valerie Barlow. The Mark Brittain Warehouse and a Community Centre was built in their place. The warehouse was badly damaged in a fire in 1975 which also led to the death of Edna Gee. The block was redeveloped once again in 1989 and now comprises a mixed use development of town houses, retail units, including Audrey's hair salon and The Kabin newsagent and sub post office, flats and industrial units comprising Websters' Auto Centre and factory unit Underworld. That development saw the blocking off of the easternmost end of Victoria Street at its junction with Viaduct Street so the street now stops short at Rosamund Street with the exception of the Street Cars taxi office which is located behind Audrey's.

List of buildings

Buildings listed from the west to the east.

North Side

15 Victoria Street is a single business unit, used by Street Cars, which is currently owned by Steve McDonald and Sally Metcalfe. Steve and Tim Metcalfe are current drivers, with Eileen Phelan as switch operator. The flat above, 15a, is currently occupied by Steve and Liz McDonald.

Junction of Coronation Street and Rosamund Street

19 Victoria Street is a builders yard, currently going under the name, Jason's Construction. It was previously Stubbs Building Construction, Webster's Construction and Owen Armstrong Construction. It is owned by Jason Grimshaw but run by Pat Phelan. The flat above, 19a, is currently occupied by Kate Connor, Alya Nazir and Craig Tinker.

V Court Fitness was a gym, which was owned by Dev Alahan until he sold it in 2017.

Weatherfield Council Advice Centre is a building owned by the Weatherfield Council. It is 29 Victoria Street.

Community Garden is a garden, featuring a bench saying, 'For Martyn and all those who lost their lives on the 22nd of May 2017. We stand together.' It is in memory of Martyn Hett and the others who lost their lives in the attack. Vegetables can be grown here by the community.

South Side

18 Victoria Street is situated at the end of the terrace of business'. It is currently Prima Doner, owned by Dev Alahan, with Chesney Brown as manager and Gemma Winter and Cathy Matthews also working there. It was previously D&S Hardware, Compton's Bakery and Jerry's Takeaway. The flat above, 18a, is currently unoccupied.

16 Victoria Street is the middle of the three business units, where Roy's Rolls has been located since 1999. Roy Cropper owns the business, having previously owned it with wife Hayley. Roy, Shona Ramsey and Yasmeen Nazir work there, with Alex Warner working there part-time. The flat above, 16a Victoria Street, is occupied by Roy and Carla Connor.

14 Victoria Street is the third business unit along. It is currently Jamila House, named after Jamila Nazir. It was previously butchers Elliott & Son. It is run by Yasmeen Nazir. The flat above, 14a, is currently unoccupied.

10 Victoria Street situated on the end of the terrace and the second of the two houses. The upstairs of the house is used for Barlow Legal Services. Adam Barlow runs business, with Imran Habeeb as a solicitor and Rosie Webster as a PA.

Victoria Court is a set of block of twenty luxury apartments. It was a warehouse before it was converted. Robert Preston, Michelle Connor, Jenny Connor and Johnny Connor all currently live there.

Unnamed street

Speed Daal is a Pakistani street food restaurant owned by Zeedan Nazir, which is downstairs.

Weatherfield Snooker Hall is a snooker hall.

Tatoo'll Do Nicely is a tatoo parlour on the street.

Weatherfield North Tram Station is a station on the tram line in Weatherfield.

Costa Coffee is a coffee shop found under an arch in the viaduct.

Weatherfield Co-Op is a small supermarket under an arch in the viaduct.


  • Victoria Street was first built as part of the set in 1999.
  • In March 2018, ITV revealed the new, extended Victoria Street , which despite being newly built, is meant to have been built in the past, with the rest of Weatherfield. It has been extended past Victoria Court and includes a police station, community garden, Costa Coffee, Co-Op and tram station.