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Victoria Street is the next street to the south of Coronation Street in Weatherfield. The street originally started at a junction with Viaduct Street running westwards to form a T-junction with the end of Rosamund Street and continuing. Originally Hardcastle's Mill and the Glad Tidings Mission Hall fronted onto Victoria Street, the rear parts of which overlooked Coronation Street, including the vestry where Ena Sharples resided until 1968 when Weatherfield Council had them both demolished to make way for new maisonettes. The maisonnettes were demolished in the early 1970s after an electrical fault was discovered after their construction, which had resulted in the tragic death of Valerie Barlow. The Mark Brittain Warehouse and a Community Centre was built in their place. The warehouse was badly damaged in a fire in 1975 which also led to the death of Edna Gee. The block was redeveloped once again in 1989 and now comprises a mixed use development of town houses, retail units, including Audrey's hair salon and The Kabin newsagent and sub post office, flats and industrial units comprising Webster's Autos garage and the Underworld factory. That development saw the blocking off of the easternmost end of Victoria Street at its junction with Viaduct Street so the street now stops short at Rosamund Street with the exception of the Street Cars taxi office which is located behind Audrey's.

Prima Donner

"Prima Donner" is a kebab shop on Victoria Street; it is currently owned by Dev Alahan, who appointed Chesney Brown as manager in 2013. The shop was previously owned by Jerry Morton and went under the name "Jerry's Takeaway". Before it was a takeaway, it was a bakery, ran by Diggory Compton, though it was only open for a year or so. Craig Harris lived in the empty shop for a while. Originally the shop was D&S Hardware.

Staff Include: Chesney Brown

Roy's Rolls

Roy's Rolls is a cafe located adjacent to Prima Donner at number 16 Victoria Street and is owned and managed by Roy Cropper. Roy's Rolls relocated from 12 Rosamund Street in 1999. Roy occupies the flat above the cafe at number 16a which he shared with his wife Hayley.

Staff include: Anna Windass and Jenna Kamara

Elliott & Sons

Elliott & Sons was a butchers shop, owned by Ashley Peacock. It was previously owned by Fred Elliott but Ashley retained the name of the shop following the proprietor's death in 2006. Since Ashley's tragic death after Metrolink tram crashed through the viaduct at the end of Coronation Street in 2010, the shop has been vacant.

Street Cars

Street Cars is a cab firm on Victoria Street, it is currently owned by Steve McDonald and Lloyd Mullaney.

Staff Include: Eileen Grimshaw and Michael Rodwell.

Victoria Court

Victoria Court is a block of penthouse apartments.

Current Residents include: Nick Tilsley.

V Court Fitness

A fitness gym, currently owned by Kal Nazir and Dev Alahan.

Staff Include: Kal Nazir, Katy Armstrong, Gail McIntyre, Alya Nazir and Sharif Nazir.

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