Victoria street working mens club

1972: Alec Gilroy and Len Fairclough at the bar

Victoria Street Working Men's Club opened its doors in June 1972, managed by Alec Gilroy. The Victoria Street establishment was comprised of a bar, restaurant, stage and dancefloor.

A former talent scout at the Weatherfield Majestic, Alec was well suited to club management and booked Rita Littlewood as singer for opening night, which went down well with the patrons, particularly Len Fairclough, who was pleased to learn that Rita had left her common-law husband Harry Bates since they last saw each other and was now available. Alec was eager to book Rita for a two-week spot at the club with possible further engagements but made the mistake of telling Len, who advised Rita to hold out for more money. As ever, Alec was disappointed with the level of trade, remarking to barmaid Vera when he ordered a pint of Guinness that "someone's got to be seen drinking round 'ere."

Also drinking at Len's table on opening night were Elsie and Alan Howard.

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