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The Brothers McGregor
Episode number 13
Episode Victorian Porn (aka "Dennis Dodgy Books")
ITV broadcast date 8th May 1986
Writer John Stevenson
Director Sally Aldred
Designer Taff Bentley
Previous episode Irate Dinner Tables
Next episode Inspector Maggot Pays a Surprise Visit


Cyril swaps a car with Dodgy Dennis for a suitcase of erotic books. Wesley is disgusted but ends up swapping another car for a load of carpet cleaner. They go door-to-door trying to sell it and Wesley has a slightly beeter success rate. In the end they try having a carpet cleaning party at the flat but that's not too successful either. Cyril decides to go door-to-door again hoping for Wes's success.


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  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,223,000 viewers (chart placing unknown). This episode was made fifth in the running order but transmitted sixth and last in the programme's second season.
  • This episode was repeated on the satellite channel Granada Plus on Friday 3rd January 1997 at 7.00pm.

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