Vince 8688
Occupation Garage owner
Spouse(s) Marlene
First appearance 20th July 2015
Duration 20th July 2015
Number of appearances 2
Played by Chris Brailsford

Vince was the owner of a garage on Stanley Street who called on old acquaintance Kevin Webster one day in July 2015 after dropping off his wife, Marlene, at the opticians. He asked to see Kevin in the Rovers later on as he was going to make him an offer he couldn't refuse. Vince was retiring and he and Marlene were going to travel in their motorhome and wondered if Kevin wanted to buy his business and expand his own empire.

Their chat was interrupted by Tim Metcalfe who was hurt that Kevin previously told him he hadn't got time for a drink with him and yet he found him supping with someone else in the pub. Vince wondered if it was a lover's tiff and When Kevin told him that he wasn't gay, Vince laughed, saying that the moustache he had sported for many years had been the giveaway! Kevin ended up buying the garage from Vince.

Vince's nickname was "Mad Dog Vince" as he had been involved in bare-knuckle boxing but his arthritis had put paid to that pastime.

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