Vince denton
Vince Denton
Occupation Haulage contractor
First appearance 8th September 1975
Last appearance 30th March 1977
Number of appearances 5
Played by Mike Heywood (1975)
Constantin de Goguel (1977)

Vince Denton was Janet Barlow's lover, whom she went to live with after leaving Ken. In September 1975, while on a night out in a club, Janet and a drunken and violent Vince had an argument which caused Janet to phone for a taxi home. By coincidence, the driver was Ken, who had recently left his job at the Mark Brittain Warehouse. Vince warned Janet not to go back to their place and so she stayed the night with Ken. Ken was worried about Janet but didn't interfere when Vince came to take her back the following day.

In February 1977, after being thrown out by Vince and turned down by Ken, Janet took an overdose and died. Denton turned up at No.1 shortly after the funeral to make Ken aware that Janet had £7,520 in her building society account which belonged to him, as he'd asked her to put it into her account as a tax dodge. Ken had trouble believing him as he'd neglected to mention that Janet had over £1,000 savings when they were together, and stalled him further by contacting Janet's sister Helen Ormerod to ask if she knew anything about Janet's finances. Denton assumed Ken wanted the money for himself but Ken accepted the validity of Denton's documents detailing all financial matters relating to his side business, and agreed to give him everything except for Janet's own savings.

Although Denton was satisfied, Ken did little to hide his contempt for him, especially as he'd threatened to have him done in if he didn't hand the money over.

Pictured above is Constantin de Goguel, who played Vince in his 1977 appearances.

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As played by Constantin de Goguel:


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