Vince Fisher
Vince Fisher
First appearance 24th June 1970
Number of appearances 1
Played by Freddie Lees

When Betty Turpin found herself the object of a terror campaign by ex-convict Keith Lucas in the summer of 1970 in revenge for her policeman husband Cyril having put him away, Cyril was determined to see his own form of justice done. He went out looking for Lucas but was unable to find him. He asked Dave Smith as a favour to put some feelers out and Smith, wanting to keep in with the local constabulary, obliged by asking his staff to find out what they could. In the matter of a few hours, Vince Fisher came to the Rovers where Dave introduced him to Cyril. Vince was a bit uneasy to know that he was helping the police but offered the information that he'd seen Lucas that morning in Walker Street. Cyril immediately set off to find him but was again unsuccessful.

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