Visitor 8326
Children 1 daughter
First appearance 19th February 2014
Number of appearances 1
Played by Nadia Albina

The unnamed Visitor to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester asked Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow where she and her daughter could find the textiles gallery when they were all visitors there in February 2014. Steve and Tracy had taken Amy Barlow there as part of her school curriculum. Proving she was every bit her mother's daughter, Amy had kidded her parents that the school has asked them all to be dressed up in Victorian clothes and Steve and Tracy duly obliged. As they were the only ones there attired in such style they were easily mistaken for staff, however when the lady put her enquiry to them Steve told her he couldn't help and Tracy sarcastically asked if they looked as if they worked there - and then realised the stupidity of her remark.

The lady asked if she and her daughter could have their picture taken with them and complemented Steve's rather brash blue velvet jacket. Earlier on, Tracy had said he looked like a pimp and then had to lie to Amy's question by saying it was a type of salesman. When the lady asked Steve what the style was, Amy helpfully supplied the answer to the rather surprised lady!

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