Viv Baldwin
Residence London
Spouse(s) Harry Baldwin
Children Danny Baldwin (1962)
First appearance 29th July 2005
Last appearance 18th December 2006
Number of appearances 11
Played by Patricia Brake

Vivian "Viv" Baldwin is the mother of Danny Baldwin. She was first seen on the Street in July 2005, following her husband Harry's death and later revealing to her brother-in-law Mike Baldwin that he was in fact Danny's biological father, not Harry.

Viv made a reappearance in Weatherfield in December 2005, when the family went out to Christmas dinner.

In December 2006, she returned enquiring about Danny's disappearance, only to find out the truth about her grandson Jamie Baldwin's affair with his former stepmother Frankie Baldwin. After finding this, Viv stormed back home to London.

List of appearancesEdit



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