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Vivienne Cooper
Vivienne Cooper
Occupation Fashion Agent
First appearance 2nd January 2012
Number of appearances 1
Played by Fiona Mollison

Vivienne Cooper was an agent for Rosie Webster during her career as a fashion model. She met her at Nick's Bistro to discuss a job that was lined up for her and took boyfriend Jason Grimshaw along, introducing him - at Marcus Dent’s tongue-in-cheek suggestion - as her bodyguard.

Vivienne was quite taken with the builder’s looks and threw him the offer of also working on the same shoot as Rosie, much to his girlfriend’s annoyance. Jason diplomatically declined. Later in the day, Rosie was appalled to discover that the shoot involved nothing glamorous but was instead her posing on a stationary cycle with a florescent jacket for a road safety campaign. An exasperated Vivienne tried to calm her down by saying that Kate Moss started her career as the face of Atkinson’s Rivets.

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