WPC Jackson
Occupation Police officer
First appearance 30th May 1994
Last appearance 2nd June 1995
Number of appearances 3
Played by Jane Lancaster
WPC Jackson was a Weatherfield police officer who called on two female residents of Coronation Street, and delivered bad news about their partners.

In May 1994, she called at the Rovers Return and informed Bet Gilroy that her boyfriend Charlie Whelan had been hit on the head when his lorry was hijacked on the A24 and its cargo of bottled whisky stolen. Jackson called back later that day to take a statement from Charlie, but Bet explained that he was asleep in bed and she refused to wake him following his ordeal, insisting the disgruntled officer came back later. The following day Jackson returned and questioned Charlie, whom Bet noted responded defensively. Charlie revealed to Bet that his lorry had been hijacked once before, and he felt the police suspected him of conducting an insurance scam. Bet made it clear she subscribed to the same theory, leaving Charlie deeply wounded. Charlie's lorry was eventually found and he was cleared of any wrongdoing by the insurance company. Bet's relief was short-lived when Charlie walked out on her, citing her lack of trust as an insurmountable obstacle to their relationship.

In June 1995, Jackson turned up on the doorstep of 11 Coronation Street to see Deirdre Rachid, who was staying there with Jim and Liz McDonald, and revealed that her husband Samir had been attacked by the canal while on his way to Weatherfield General to donate a kidney to Tracy Barlow. Jackson accompanied Deirdre to the hospital and sat with her at Samir's bedside. Deirdre was devastated when the surgeon informed her that Samir would not emerge from his coma. Deirdre gave permission for his kidney to be transplanted, as planned, and for his life support machine to be switched off.

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