WPC Kershaw
WPC Kershaw
Occupation Police officer
First appearance 5th November 1990
Number of appearances 1
Played by Saskia Downes

WPC Kershaw was called to investigate a burglary at 4 Coronation Street in November 1990, along with her colleague P.C. Betts. The house's occupants - Derek and Mavis Wilton - had spent the previous three days camping out in Manchester Airport, after the holiday they had been looking forward to fell through when Rosamund Travel went bust, leaving them £800 out of pocket. Determined not to go home until the matter had been sorted, Derek had insisted on sleeping at the airport in the hope of a resolution. Upon finally capitulating and returning home, the Wiltons were horrified to find the house had been broken into.

The Wiltons relayed the sorry story to the incredulous police officers, who were intrigued to learn that the Wiltons had left their key with neighbour Percy Sugden. P.C. Betts told Percy they would question him later.

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