WPC Milner
WPC Milner
Occupation Police Officer
First appearance 31st January 2000
Number of appearances 1
Played by Alison Burrows

When Dev Alahan’s obsessive ex-girlfriend Amy Goskirke disappeared suddenly from Weatherfield in January 2000 after several weeks of convincing all the residents that she was his fiancée and that she was pregnant, several of the womenfolk believed she may have committed suicide and alerted the police. WPC Milner and a male colleague turned up at the Park Road B&B, her last-known residence, and told landlady Vera Duckworth that a body had turned up in the canal. An angry Vera put them on to Dev who was asked to accompany them to the mortuary and see if he could identify the body. It wasn’t Amy, who turned up a week later with her wrists in bandages, supposedly slashed in an attempt to end her life. Sick of her pretences, Dev ripped off the coverings in the Rovers and exposed Amy for the liar she was.

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