Wpc morgan
WPC Morgan
Occupation Police constable
First appearance 13th February 1989
Number of appearances 1
Played by Jenny Funnell

WPC Morgan was dispatched to Flat 3, 44 Rosamund Street, home of Sandra Stubbs and her teenage son Jason, when a couple of louts who were caught vandalising a car gave the address to the police. The lads had spent their day off school having a booze-up with Jason in the flat, before running off when Ken Barlow paid a visit. After helping Jason clean up the flat, Ken warned Sandra about her son's drinking. Immediately returning home, Sandra found WPC Morgan asking Jason questions. The officer was sharp with Sandra, asking her whether she knew that Jason drank, and if he was always left to his own devices all day.

Following WPC's enquiries, the police informed social services about the Stubbs' circumstances. Faced with losing Jason, Sandra gave up her job at the Rovers Return and she and Jason moved in with her mother.

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