Waiter 2953
Occupation Waiter
First appearance 17th July 1989
Number of appearances 1
Played by Nigel Carrington

The Waiter served Jack Duckworth and Tina Fowler at an expensive restaurant on one July 1989 evening. The unlikely pairing had arisen when Tina, game for a laugh, agreed to go out with Jack, who was always making a play for her at the Rovers despite being married and many years her senior. Not believing his luck, Jack feigned a bad back to get the night off and told Vera he was playing in a snooker tournament at the British Legion.

The restaurant was at the top end of Jack's price range but, keen to impress Tina and score with her, he threw caution to the wind and ordered melon balls and scampi for two. Despite pretending to be au fait with the high-end restaurant, Jack tried to order his usual poison in Newton & Ridley ale, before going along with Tina's suggestion of champagne - although the waiter gently suggested that he bring over a bottle, in response to Jack's order of two champagnes.

Jack's hopes for action were dashed when Tina - having no intention of taking things further - dragged him to a disco to end the night. In their haste, they left the table before settling the bill but the waiter was quick to intervene and caught up with them in the bar, maintaining a polite discourse as he did so.

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