Waiter (Episode 5681)
Occupation Waiter
First appearance 30th January 2004
Number of appearances 1
Played by Philip Dinsdale

The unnamed Waiter was employed at the upmarket Glass Restaurant where drayman Eric Gartside took Shelley Unwin out for a date one evening in January 2004.

Upon arriving at the establishment, the waiter promptly showed the couple to a table near the door, but within moments, Eric requested a table inside the main dining area as it was blowing a gale and compared the area to a wind tunnel. After ensuring everything was satisfactory, the waiter took their orders and returned to serve the "Nouvelle cuisine" dishes, and although the couple had an enjoyable meal, Eric commented that he needed a magnifying glass to find the meat, the chef must have left the door open for leaves to be blown onto his plate and expected the waiter to return with more vegetables!

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