Waiter (Episode 6534)
First appearance 15th April 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by Nathan Kershaw

The unnamed Waiter worked at Il Bistro in Weatherfield, where Vernon Tomlin had booked a table to take Liz McDonald for a romantic meal following his surprise proposal to her in April 2007. Liz had arrived at the restaurant alone, having arranged to meet Vernon there. The waiter showed Liz to the table and asked to take a drinks order, whereby she ordered a sparkling water and explained she was expecting company. With the waiter sensing that she had been stood up, Liz phoned son Steve who told her that Vernon was back at the Rovers, asleep on the sofa - having been drinking all day.

In order to show face, Liz invited Derek, the new drayman at Newton & Ridley to join her. When the waiter came to see if the pair were ready to order food, Liz commented that she knew the menu off by heart.

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