Waiter (Episode 6573)
First appearance 10th June 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by Daniel Jillings

The unnamed Waiter worked at Italian restaurant Valandro's and very quickly caught the eye of Deirdre Barlow. She and friend Eileen Grimshaw (accompanied by Blanche Hunt who had conveniently invited herself along for the evening), arrived at the restaurant where the cordial waiter offered to show them to their table. Deirdre was relieved to see mutual friends Rita Sullivan and Doreen Fenwick already seated and at the waiter's suggestion, moved to a bigger table. The wine followed freely amongst the group with an already tipsy Deirdre openly flirting with the young man - since Ken had decided to move on with his life and she should do the same. It wasn't long before Blanche cuttingly pointed out that even if Deirdre were ten years younger, she'd still be old enough to be his mother and ironically, she'd already done the "young waiter thing" before - as Deirdre Rachid.

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