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Waiter (Episode 6912)
First appearance 26th September 2008
Number of appearances 1
Played by Leon Jan

This unnamed Waiter worked in the restaurant of an unspecified up-market hotel where Tony Gordon took Underworld's junior executive, Rosie Webster, out for lunch to make up for their cancelled engagement the previous evening.

After serving the couple their meal and copious amounts of wine for Rosie, the waiter returned to take Tony's order for a large pot of coffee - in an attempt to get Rosie sobered up before returning home. When enquiring whether he could get either of them a liqueur, the waiter was visibly surprised that the seemingly intelligent young lady had absolutely no idea of what the alcoholic beverage actually was!

The waiter then had to hide his amusement when Rosie sauntered out of the restaurant, telling Tony she had a surprise for him and not to keep her waiting.

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